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Understanding the importance of first aid training in Toronto is no joke. Though WSIB requires there to be a first aid kit, first-aid attendant and training done by employees, many small and medium size businesses simply are not complying. However, no matter how much emphasis the employers put on health and safety, accidents and injuries still occur. Accidents that occur in the workplace have the potential for medical attention, injuries, and even death, especially if proper sequence of events is not taken shortly thereafter. First aid training is meant to give participants the knowledge and confidence to take action in these emergency-type situations. Knowing what to do and being able to react in a timely manner can be the difference in preventing further injury or even saving a life. Though workplace safety regulations differ by industry and several other factors, all workforces of more than five people are required to have at least one person equipped with first aid knowledge and training.

Accidents and Illnesses Can Occur at Any Time

As an employer, it is important to understand that accidents, injuries, and illnesses can occur without warning. For this reason, it is important to have a trained first-aid attendant present at all times. Many companies train a large group of employees to ensure that immediate action can be taken in the case of emergency. Employees may be absent, go on lunch breaks or can be generally unavailable during work hours, which makes is doubly important that employers have multiple people with first aid training. First aid treatment should be available to anyone at all times people are at work. It is the responsibility of the employer that the workplace is a safe place to earn a living. First aid respondents are responsible for providing initial treatment and care to injured or ill employees that is consistent with the recommended guidelines for training levels and competence.

Compliance Begins with Education

One of the most important tasks of the employer is to make first aid information widely available and understood amongst employees. Employees should know where the first aid kit is and who is certified in case they need to call for help. Some employers even make special arrangements to give out first-aid information and training to employees who may have a language barrier at the workplace.
Companies know that there is no substitute for first aid training. In Toronto, accidents and injuries happen on a daily basis and employers must be prepared in the event an employee or customer is injured. It is the responsibility of the trained first-aid attendant to provide the initial treatment and care until the victim can receive additional medical attention. Sometimes the immediate action of these people can help reduce the impact of the injury or illness, potentially saving the lives of the victims involved in the accident.

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